Welcome to Sequoia Produce Sales where we have been filling the needs of our customers from coast to coast since 1973.

Sequoia label quality onions and potatoes are packed and available for purchase throughout most of the calendar year. The season begins in California’s Imperial Valley and continues to both western and eastern Idaho where we have teamed up with only the best growers to bring you the highest quality onions and potatoes in the region.

Sequoia has built strong relationships with various growers from up and down the West Coast including exclusive labels from Washington, Idaho, and California. With offices in both Idaho and California, we also offer a vast array of quality fruits and vegetables that are exclusively marketed by Sequoia Produce Sales to accommodate any produce needs.






Our Team

George Panagiotopoulos
(650) 670-7188

Administrative Department

Yendri Yani
Chitra Kusuma

Sales Department


Onion and Potato
George Panagiotopoulos
(650) 670-7188
Onion and Potato
Barrick Armstrong
(760) 455-3267
Onion and Potato
Ryan Leon
(760) 554-7141


Carrots, Radishes and Root Vegetables
Eric Lucchesi
(650) 270-7990
Carrots, Radishes and Root Vegetables
Joey Lucchesi
(650) 868-4268

South San Francisco

Tomatoes and Vegetables
Ricardo Salas
(415) 740-2412
Tomatoes and Vegetables
Ryan Subroto
(650) 270-7990
Fruits and Citrus
Patrick King
(510) 207-2683
Tomatoes and Vegetables
Tommy Mendoza
(530) 561-9401

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